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Smarty Pants
Mar 2 2007, 04:08 PM
Mar 2 2007, 03:43 PM
-All buttons on the N64's controller, including the control stick, are digital not analog (source:  I vaguely remember hearing this -- I believe it came from Alxbly).

I thought I proved to you in a different thread that it's analogue. Every source I've seen confirms that it's analogue. Digital can't have varying degrees of input like analogue can. They also couldn't put "analogue control" on controller boxes if it were digital. Stop claiming it's digital just because you don't like it.

You didn't prove anything, you just said "it is, so shut the hell up". And I never said I don't like the control stick, I don't like the controllers design in general.

Such hostility for an apparently simple idea. As far as I can tell by playing around with the controller, it doesn't have a lot of distinct positions that result in different directional speed. In fact, it seems to only have like 3 or 4 tilt positions. That sounds more like it only appears analog. I don't see why it is unreasonable to even entertain the idea that such input could use a digital signal. Perhaps I read it somewhere, perhaps I didn't. Clearly I didn't hear it from Alxbly. I can't find anything substantiating my claim so maybe I have this mixed up with something else. But please, by all means, dismiss outright. :angry:
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