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Get N or get out!
My current N64 Wish List...


This is insane, I see this cart go for $40 to $50 bucks on Ebay all the time, and it's not even the best version of the game!!!! Yet somehow, my Love for Worms games is getting the best of me. If anyone has a spare copy of this game, please PM me I will work some kind of a deal for you in getting/trading for it. B)

2.Neon Genesis Evangelion(JP)

I have watched a few videos on YouTube, I've read a couple reviews, and I think this game looks awesome. Right now I don't have the funds for it though.


Great puzzle game, I also want to pick up the DC version.

4.Conkers Bad Fur Day

5.Goldeneye(JP) (mainly just for the cool factor).

6.Paperboy 64
7.Paper Mario 2
8.Snowboard Kids
9.Pokemon Stadium 2
10.Shadowgate 64
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