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Get N or get out!
Ok here we go....

*=complete with box, manual, inserts

All games and hardware are from the US, unless noted.

-Nintendo 64 console(Ice Blue)*
-Nintendo 64 console(black)
-4x Nintendo brand controllers
-Expansion pak(Nintendo)
-2x 3rd party memory cards
-2x jumper paks(Nintendo)

1.Perfect Dark*
2.Banjo Tooie*
3.Super Smash Brothers*
4.Super Mario 64
5.Harvest Moon 64
6.Namco Museum 64
7.Mario Party
8.Mario Party 3*
9.yoshi's story
10.Castlevania 64
11.Mission Impossible
12.F-Zero X
13.Resident Evil 2
14.Wipeout 64
15.NBA Courtside
16.Penny Racers
17.Micro Machines 64:turbo
18.Indiana jones and the Infernal Machine
21.Rush:Extreme Racing
22.Nagano:Winter Olympics '98
23.Mario Golf
24.BattleTanx Global Assault
25.Rainbow Six*
26.Mystical Ninja:Starring Goemon
28.StarFox 64
30.Ridge Racer 64
31.Top Gear Rally
32.Doom 64
33. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
34.Lego Racers*
35.Milo's Astro Lanes
36.Blast Corps
37.Quake 2
39.Army Men Sarges Heroes
40.Vigilante 8
41.Extreme G
42.Body Harvest/Body Harvest*
43.Star Shot:Space Circus
44.The world is not enough
45.NBA HangTime
46.Banjo Kazooie*
47.Zelda:Majoras Mask
48.Mischief Makers
49.Triple Play 2000
50.1080 Snowboarding
51.Kirby the crystal shards
53.Donkey Kong 64
54.Diddy Kong Racing*
55.Star Wars:Shdows of the empire(j)
56.madden 2002
57/allstar baseball 2001
58.gex 64
59.rush 2 x2
60/Turok 2: seeds of evil
61.Ken Griffey jr's slugfest
62.space station silicon valley
63.NFL Blitz
64.Goldeneye 007*
66.crusin USA*
67.Forsaken 64
68.Clay Fighter
69.star wars rogue squadron
70.Destruction Derby 64
71.Road Rash 64
72.Mario Kart 64
73.Mario Tennis*
74.Star Soldier: vanising earth
75.Madden 64
76.WCW Mayhem
77.Fighting Force 64
78.Hybrid Heaven
81.Virtual Chess*
82.Dual Heroes*
83.Wave Race 64
84.Fighters Destiney*
85.Excitebike 64
86.Rampage:World Tour
87.Iggy's Wreckin' Balls
88.Toy Story 2
89.Sin&Punishment* (J)
90.Animal Forest* (J)
91.Super Mario 64(J)
92.Pilot Wings 64
93.Star Wars: shadows of the empire
94.Denshe Ira Ira bou(J)
95.Ganbare Goemon*(J)
96.Wonder Project V2*(J)
97.Quest 64
98.War Gods
101.Aydin Chronicles
102.Chameleon Twist
103.Bomberman 64
105.Puyo Puyo sun 64(J)
106.J-League Live(J)
107.Crusin World
108.Paper Boy 64
109.Pokemon Snap
110.Blues Brothers 2000
111.Snobow Kids*(J)
112.Flying Dragon*(J)
113.Pocket Monsters Stadium 2*(J)
115.Duke Nukem 64
116.offroad challenge
117.World Driver Championship
118.MK:Mytholigy subzero
121.Beast Wras;Transformers
122.Duke Nukem Zero Hour
123.Monster Truck Madness 64
124.Turok: Rage Wars
125.Bio Freaks
126.Nascar '99
128.Paper Mario* (Finally!!!!!)

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