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Okay, it's now April 5th in the UK so I've started playing my N64. I'm gonna play a few N64 games today so I won't be spending all that much time on a single game. I wondered which one I should start with and, of course, it has to be the game which defines the console. The game that launched a thousand spinoffs. The best selling game for the N64. Yeah, Super Mario 64. :D

I started a new file a few months ago and I haven't got very far (only twenty stars in four months) so I decided to see play the next star in Cool, Cool Mountain. I'm instantly drawn back in. Super Mario 64 was and is so darned amazing. It may look a little basic now but it still feels new and Mario moves so well... even on ice and snow. And the music is great. This level has a really catchy tune (Mrs Alxbly started humming it almost instantly as she walked past) although my favorite music is still the Jolly Roger Bay song. It's beautiful. ;_;

The star I was after was 8 red coins. I found them all but couldn't remember how you got to the star. Eventually I remembered that you just do a long jump from the platform opposite. So, mission accomplished and time to move on to another N64 game.

Goldeneye's my next choice. That's the game that kept me interested in the N64 long after Super Mario 64 had been finished. Actually, Goldeneye kept interested long after I'd finished it and my other N64 games. I played it endlessly; all the multiplayer levels and checking out the secrets with my Action Replay. It felt like there were new things to do almost every month, right up until Perfect Dark came out.

Anyway, i decided to play a level I haven't played in years. Normally when I play Goldeneye I pick one of my favorite levels; Facility, Water Caverns and Aztec get played regulary. Today I choose a level I wasn't all that keen on; the Statue Park. My first impression is that Goldeneye is slow. I wonder if my controller is worn but then remember that it was working perfectly for Super Mario 64. So I try a bit of strafe-running. It still feels slow. I guess this is just because I'm playing First person Shooter games where running is more obvious; Call of Duty 4 for example. It's probably not that much quicker but running in Goldeneye somehow doesn't feel like running anymore.

Anyway, I quickly get over this and get into the level. I'm playing on Agent so the bad guys can't hit me for crap. Was Agent always this easy? Perhaps. I shoot a lot of them (do they respawn here? It seems like they do...) and move forward, getting lost occasionally. I find Valentin and laugh at his funny eyes. I move on and notice there's an image of a man on a stone. I can't remember that from before... surely I would have noticed it?

Posted Image

Onwards to the statue and I meet up with Alec. Those shotgun guns DO actually hurt you and their aim is much better than the others. Okay, three minutes until the helicopter blows up so I need to rescue Natalya. Dammit, can I remeber the way back? Well, yes I can. I make it with over a minute to spare even though I stopped to shoot some bad guys. Save Natalya, get the flight recorder and back over to the gates. Natalya's been captured! *pretend shock*

I wait for the gates to open. They don't. Do I need to open them? Yes, I do. Oops. Ah well, level over. It'll no doubt be another few years before I play it again...
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