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Apr 5 2008, 05:45 PM
Perhaps oil (I bought the cheapest kind I could find :o) found its way into the places that sense the axis movement.

Get the controller opened up and wash the oil off with soapy water. You need a lubricant that's specifically made for plastics. Anything oil based is likely to react with the plastic and ruin your control stick.

Apr 5 2008, 05:45 PM
You know how if you hold the control stick at an angle when you boot up the system, it doesn't calibrate properly? It is acting sort of like that, except less responsive.

Is it worse in one direction or is equally as bad in all directions. Are you sure the gearings are correctly asssembled? Also, check the spring. If this slips then the control stick won't self-centre and there's no force behind the movement meaning that it's greatly impaired. Make sure the plastic ring which sits on top of the spring has the inside lip facing towards the spring.

Here's a photo of how it should look, with the smaller plastic arc attached.

Posted Image
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