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This is the first I've seen of this topic, but luckily, I've already played some body harvest today.

For some reason, I decided to play through Greece again - fast! My target time was to finish it in under a hour. I think I was heading for the generator about 80 minutes in. All the way though I referred to my self as "the lousy hero". The casualty bar was like 70% full because I tried to ignore the harvesters in the first stage. Bad idea! I had a close encounter with a mutant, but got away with it.
Anyway, all was going well. I beat the generator with relative ease and then fought the boss... and died. >_<

Never mind. I opened my real file that was near the end (on the comet). I had a few cracks at a boss I've been stuck on for years - and won! Love those missiles. :wub: After saving, I continued and came up against another boss... and died. :rolleyes:
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