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Before I tell you all about what I'm playing - I have a rather good confession to make. I'm actually playing N64 games on the 6th of April, since down here we're one day ahead of most other places. However, don't be alarmed, I did this to coincide with you guys! :wub:

So I've begun the day with an old favourite - Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. I'd forgotten how great this game really is, as a matter of fact I'd place it above Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars. I started a new file and began zipping through Tatooine.

I've completely lost my ability to aim my lasers properly. I must have missed those tiny little spy bots consecutively for a few minutes before clearing the first section of them all. Strangely, I'm finding it easier to blast the tie fighters at the end of the level.

I just scored myself a nice silver medal. Being the gaming perfectionist I am, I'll be replaying the level in an effort to achieve the illusive gold prize. Now, if only I can remember where those hidden weapon upgrades are...
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