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Today I played Super Mario 64, Goldeneye and Top Gear Rally 2. Didn't play much of SM64, I was really just using it to test out a new controller. Hadn't played the Frigate level of Goldeneye for a while so I played that. It's okay but it's not my favorite level.

I hadn't really played much of Top Gear Rally 2 before. It's really rather good. I think I pretty much ignored every N64 rally game after the terrible mess that was V-Rally 99 but this one is much better and much closer to Top Gear Rally than I thought it would be. Boss Studios didn't make it (I think they were making Stunt Racer 64 at the time) so Kemco took this on. The steering's default setting is too sensitive but it feels great once you've turned it down a little. The cars are pretty quick, the tracks are interesting and everything looks a lot better than Top Gear Rally.

It's definitely one of the better motorsport games on the N64. I wish I'd discovered it back in 2000... :-/
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