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Nintendo sixty-floorcat :P
I'm pretty sure the one alxbly guessed is the one you're thinking of...
I think Kerr Avon was the GameFAQs member who posted the link and strongly recommended this controller, if you want to grab his attention and ask for the link again.

As far as the US name for the "MakoPad 64" controller, it's called the "SuperPad 64"... unfortunately, this name also refers to a controller with a different (and in my opinion, UGLY), 3-pronged design. What makes everything even more confusing is the fact that more than one company makes both designs of the SuperPad. As far as the 2-pronged version, instead of being clear like the MakoPad, it's solid black, and the "SuperPad 64 plus" version is the one that has the turbo/slow-mo features. I think the 3-pronged (ugly) SuperPad Plus just comes in different colors.

Anyways, I could probably go into more detail (and maybe even post pictures) if you want...

... maybe I'll eventually even write up a 3-rd party controller review (since I've tried quite a few)... that is, if ever I get off my lazy butt. ;)

And if you're curious as to what I think about the SuperPad 64 (both the 2-prong & 3-prong designs)... I can recommend either one, as long as you've got pretty adapting hands. They both have decent control (identical?), and much more longevity (as far as I can tell) than the 1st party controller... all thanks to a metal-base analog stick.
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