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Hey dataDyne, if you want to try get a MakoPad for a "joystick implant", I can already tell you I'm 90% sure it won't work! (I'm not 100% because the MakoPad may be slightly different from the SuperPad).

I had thought to do exactly what you were thinking, but upon opening up the SuperPad I had, the joystick was totally different. I think the wires were soldered down, and the tabs to secure the joystick to the controller were incompatible with the one(s) for the official joystick.

But don't let this stop you from getting a MakoPad (or SuperPad)... it should be a decent controller by itself.

... And sorry everyone who might be waiting for my controller review/pictures... I've been working on it, honest!


Does anyone care?? :unsure:



j/k ^_^
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