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Nintendo sixty-floorcat :P
I'd also like to throw in a few good words for play-asia.com... like alxbly said, their service is truly excellent... and their shipping speed is ridiculously fast (esp. if you choose the express one, but I've heard their "regular" shipping is still really decent). In my past experience, this is probably the best & easiest way to get (current) import games (or import anything video-game-related)... and if you pre-order a soon-to-be-released import title and choose the shipping option with tracking (the "fast" one previously mentioned), chances are high that you'll receive the game no later than a day after its release!!

The only thing kind of tedious & annoying I ran into ordering through them (but this also shows their high level of service) was that since one of my orders was pretty big (i.e. expensive), they requested either a special credit card verification, or scanned images of a photo ID and the front/back of the credit card I was using, both with my visible signature. The verification wasn't working at the time (which made me feel pretty insecure already) and sending the images sounded WAAAAAAY sketchball, but they said I could black out any info except for the signatures and the first & last few numbers of the card, which I did... "and the rest was history."

*continues to think about getting one/both of the two-tone clear N64s* <_<
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