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Nintendo sixty-floorcat :P
I'm not really so sure...
I would say "possibly"... since my (apparently insensitive) thumbs can't adjust well to the sensitivity of the analog stick without the rumble pak. So there's a high chance that I'd get even more thrown off with the rumble pak.

Actually... come to think of it, I might've always been playing with the rumble pak (since I typically go for "maximum sensory input"), and that might actually be (part of) the reason alxbly and I differ on this one point (the thought never really came across my mind before!). Alxbly, have you been playing without the rumble pak? If so, then it may very well be "yes, it is too sensitive."

Either way, I guess the only way to truly know is to have some Perfect Dark stud play some hideously hard combat simulator level numerous times both with and without the rumble pak, and do some stat-calculating with headshots etc.

Who knows though... :unsure:
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