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Hey alxbly... so, sorry I forgot to post earlier, but this weekend I had thumbed through every page of both years 1999 and 2000 of NP... advertisements, player poll contests, promotions and all, and not a single picture/mention (or anything that was remotely close) had caught my eye. :( Basically, I'm 98% sure there's nothing like what you're looking for within those pages. -_-

It's possible that there might've been a separate contest flyer or catalog sent with the subscriptions (which I unfortunately don't have after ~1998), but I'm beginning to doubt this controller's existence... at least in terms of an association with Nintendo/Nintendo Power. Sorry there...

However, thinking about this controller reminded me of another auction I had seen a few months back... for a pretty rare Japanese controller. Perhaps this might even be the JP equivalent (in terms of rarity)? It was a special release of the official controller, except it had the name/logo of a specific toy/video game store (sticker?) on the front, under the engraved "Nintendo." It was all black, and I want to say the logo was a little lion or something. I wish I could remember which store it was for (the JP equivalent of Funcoland?). The box (which was included, as it was all brand new!) even had "[store name] limited edition" on it somewhere... I think. If not those exact words, then something similar was written on the box, so I'm quite positive it was an "official" release. I just remember the seller had totally miffed up the translation... :rolleyes: At least s/he tried, I suppose... but this translation was horrid!! "[X store] Bros. Controller " turned into something like "[X] Short story roll love rose" :lol: (I thought to message the seller to correct his/her translation... but I felt that would've been a little too pompous. Plus, I didn't want it to be changed!) ;)
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