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Jun 1 2010, 08:09 PM
I have obtained the same controller, but it hasn't been signed. How much did you pay for yours? Here's a picture, by the way:
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Here is a quote from the eBay auction:
"The really interesting thing about this item is that the controller I am including is a GOLD LIMITED EDITION model, that was only available for winning a Starfox 64 contest at the E3 show (which is how I got this one)."
This is an interesting tidbit of information not previously mentioned in your post. Maybe this will help with the year of E3? I have contacted the seller for further information.
The really lucky part was that this controller was never mentioned in the title of the sale, but only in the body. I was able to buy just the controller for a certain ammount and I gave the seller a grey controller (oddly enough). I think I may have gotten an absolute steal. I am looking up more info on this controller. I may decide to sell or trade it at some point, since I am more of a console collector.
is there any other evidence a part from the seller of where this came from. great find :yeah:
so how much is a certain amount? :huh:
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