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Do you know why the silver and mauve controllers have a blue port? and the gold one has a red port?
The cord + plug on the ASCII controllers is a very distinctive part of these controllers, and is worth discussing. First, the plugs come in 2 colors: blue and a red/pink. There are no other colors, and every ASCII controller has one of the 2 colors. Second, from all of the pictures that I have seen of the ASCII controllers on website and auction pages, the color of the plugs stay consistent with the controller - that means a Silver ASCII controller will always have a blue plug and never a red/pink.

Here is a list of the controllers and what color plugs they have:
- Silver
- Mauve
- Black
- Clear Blue
- Clear Black
- Blue Marble

- Gold
- Clear Red
- Clear White
- Red Marble
- White

Nov 15 2010, 12:20 AM
Wow that is so odd! I wonder if it is easy to replace those cords if we wanted. I do not remember if it would be easy as the last time I opened a controller up I did not pay attention to the port cord.
It is NOT possible to replace the cords. As with any regular N64 controller, the cords are attached/soldered to the motherboards that are inside the controllers. While it is possible to change out the controller motherboards to swap it with a different color, it is actually MUCH more difficult on the ASCII controllers because there is a 2nd motherboard inside the controller. The 2nd motherboard is responsible for the turbo functions of the controller, and is attached/soldered to the main motherboard. So because of this, it is impossible to swap out the motherboards + cord/plug of the ASCII controllers.

I will take a picture of the next ASCII controller I open up to clean, and show you this 2nd motherboard - although you can kind of see it already behind the turbo buttons on the clear controllers.
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