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Gold Controller History:

As we all know, the N64 controller comes in a variety of different colors. One of the most noticeable is the color gold. We know that this color was available as a Toys R Us special (blister pack), bundled with various N64 console boxed-sets (North America, Europe, Australia, Japan), in 2 different colored boxes in Japan (gold and white), and used in several places where they were offered as promotional items (Nintendo Power 100 catalog) or given out as prizes (E3 1997 Star Fox 64 competition). But do you know the true origins of the very 1st gold controller?

The first 1000 gold N64 controllers were offered as prizes back in March of 1997 by Nintendo Power. In Issue #94 (March '97) on pages 34 and 35 was the "Mario Kart 64 Nintendo Power Cup" contest. Two issues later, in #96 (May '97) on pages 76 and 77 were some of the winning times from the contest. This makes the 1000 gold controllers from this contest as the very first ones that were available in N64 history. E3 1997 was held in Atlanta, Georgia in July. The NP100 controllers were orderable via the Super Power Supplies catalog that came with issue #100 (September '97).

There probably is no way to identify any of the 1000 gold controllers that were given out as part of this contest unless someone had the original shipping box from Nintendo + contest winning letter (if there is such a thing). And even then, the controller physically looks to be identical to a normal gold controller (whereas the NP100 had the sticker, the E3 Star Fox controller had the gold N and black back).

I hope you've enjoyed this little short history lesson about one of the best looking controllers in gaming history. :n64:

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