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Sep 10 2011, 11:02 AM
i remember back in tha daythis contest. tried this with a friend and barely made 1:20 without shorcuts. months later i got this awesome 58sec runs with 3 successfull shortcut lap. i never ever got this again. i would have won one of these hehe.

EDIT: has anyone tried to track down any of those winners ? maybe, by a very slime chance, they could provide one of them.
Actually, I won one of these. I kept the box and congratulations card for the longest time, but I ended up throwing the box away. I still have the congrats card and a couple of pictures. I randomly come upon this while looking how rare my controller was before I ended up selling it.

Edit - I have pictures of some of the times I sent to Nintendo Power.

Edit 2 - I shared some pictures with ddr2nite, here they are


Pictures of the Congrats card they gave me for being the 1 in 1000.
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