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Dec 29 2011, 07:27 PM
Amen Fanny! Perhaps we can debate the "merits" of Scully .vs Claire (not possessed) vs. Kate (jungle dirty version), lol. How I miss those shows...
Scully will always be one of the greatest female characters in any movie or show. Gillian Anderson deserved all her accolades for her portrayal. "Lost" was great on many of the same levels, but I think "The X-Files" came at the perfect time and really was the better of the two, though it's not an easy debate.

I just watched Season 6, Episode 6 - "How The Ghosts Stole Christmas" back on Christmas night and absolutely lavished every second of it. :) I have all of the collector's editions dvd sets and both movies on blu ray. I have seen each episode at least 4 times and each movie several times as well. A truly classic genre show and really a great show in the history of television.
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