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D.J Cat
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Dec 29 2011, 06:37 AM
Hi all. So I was playing Hydro Thunder last night and raced around Lost Island a few times. As I was playing, I thought it was so cool how Midway incorporated elements of ABC's Lost (great show, hope it made it to your region of the world) that race. The crashed airplane, the beach campsite, the mid race radar knockout, and what appeared to be the smoke monster on the Lost Island logo on the choose race screen.
I see the crashed plane, a big one too.
Couldnt see the beach camp site, but there are many beaches, so maybe I just didnt see it.
And I see the "smoke monster" on the track select.

No one tell me what happens, one day I might want to watch the show. :o
Spoilers are horrible, horrible things.

The "Hard" tracks in Hydro Thunder are so cool!
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