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Racing for Fulcon Capital
@DJCat: Are you kidding me? The South Pacific, ancient ruins, secrets . . . we are definitely on to something :P !!

Here is how I boost-hop: Hold A (gas). A second before the hop, depress B(Brake) too. When A and B both down, depress Z (boost), and hop you shall. Just make sure you've got some nitro left in the tank.

You can earn a 4-sec boost at the start as follows: After selecting track and boat, there is a blue screen with a boat. Depress B. Then the racing screen appears. As the 3 disappears, release B and depress A similtaneously. Then as the 2 disappears, release A and depress B similtaneously. Then as the 1 disappears, release B and depress A similtaneously. Four second boost earned. (If you do it right, you will notice that your tachometer ticks a bit every time you release/depress A/B.) This is handy in the Far East, where you need to booast hop to shortcuts before any boost are available on the track.
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