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I had a few corrections to make but it seems others have beat me to the punch there. Working down in columns from left to right:

Pokémon Stadium Battle Set
The variaton you have is indeed the UK one. Australia was the only other region to get this console, in that region it's known as the PokéManiac N64, the box has slightly different art work and is noticably longer

Standard Control Deck
Worldwide Release

Atomic Controller Bundle
If you wish to include this, Australia also got this bundle, though it was called Clear Purple over there

Pikachu Nintendo 64 Set
North America and Europe only. Australia never got this version released

Gold Control Deck
North American and Japan only. The best Europe and Australia saw was a gold controller bundle, with the standard system.

Funtastic: Jungle (Green)
North America, Europe, Australia

Funtastic: Ice (Blue)
North America, Europe, Australia

Funtastic: Smoke (Black)
Worldwide. Australia did get a version of this, confusingly called 'charcoal'. See below for proof

Funtastic: Grape (Purple)

Funtastic: Watermelon (Red)
North America, Europe only

Funtastic: Fire (Orange)
North America, Europe, Australia

The 5 Japanese Exclusives

Clear Blue
Japan and Europe only. The European version always comes bundled with a copy of Super Mario 64

The aforementioned Australian version of 'Smoke'

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If you need me to provide any more pics just let me know. Console variations is something I have put a lot of research into and hope to one day have a collection as envious as yours :yeah:
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