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Feb 5 2012, 12:46 PM
Feb 4 2012, 10:32 AM
I updated my website with a little grid of the console variations, did I do any mistakes? Scroll down to the end of 1.1

Finngamer, here are my notes and thoughts:

Consoles (1 mistake, 1 suggestion)
- Why did you have the first row "Charcoal Black" all by itself? It should be on the second line and read "Funtastic Smoke Black/Clear Black/Charcoal Black" all in one. How is the Charcoal Black console (weird AUS release) any different than the other ones?
- I dislike the "Pokémon" row... however I'm not sure what exactly to call it but to a new collector, that naming seems confusing. Maybe add the words "Battle Set/Pokémaniacs" to the end of it or in parenthesis?

Controllers (no mistakes, 1 suggestion)
- I like the way you have the double XX for Gold in the Jap column... not too many people would understand that the first time across :yeah:
- How about switching from an "X" to something new like "!" for the Millennium 2000 and E3 controllers? Then add in the notes: ! = Acquired through giveaway/competition only (the reason is because you technically couldn't "purchase" either of those 2, but anyone was able to buy the NP100 or DK64 like the rest of the retail controllers - even if it was for a limited time through Nintendo Power only)
Charcoal Black is the name of the color of the regular console, I wasn't talking about the AUS Funtastic color. :)

I know not every line is obvious just by looking at the chart, but the longer explanations and pictures are just on top of it, so I didn't want to mess up the chart too much. People can check more info on the page if they want.

Thanks for the !-suggestion, I implemented it slightly modified. ;)
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