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Just when I thought I had discovered all of the colors of the ASCII Pad 64...

http://www.ebay.com/itm/170837804332 (I bought this one today)

I had known for quite some time that the Clear/Clear Red one existed (link below) because I've seen several auctions for it across eBay, Yahoo! Japan, and a couple other Japan auction places. It only makes sense that the Clear/Clear Blue one is also out there somewhere.


Jan 7 2011, 11:37 AM
Hi all,
I've just purchased two of these from Japan, a clear pink (which I assume is the red one pictured above) pad, and one which is two-tone, clear white on top and clear navy blue on the bottom. This latter one doesn't seem to be listed above - I assume it isn't the clear white one (as that one does not appear to be two-tone in the picture of the boxed unit above)?

Can anyone help me to identify it?
This previous post also verifies it... I was ignorant to it when he made the post, didn't think it was real - but it seems like that was actually the first time that anyone's seen one. The Clear/Clear Blue and Clear/Clear Red are definitely added to the list of ones that ASCII released.

This brings the total count of ASCII Pad 64 variations up to 13. 12 of which I have in my collection.
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