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Well this is going to be a major bump, but i just came across this post and yes i actually own one of these controllers. I won it by getting a time and jumping over the brick wall, it took me forever. I am actually looking at my controller as i type this i have it displayed. Somewhere i have a certificate saying i won it as described above. I do remember thinking i was the s**t with this controller and then they started selling it killing my dreams of owning something 1 of a kind. The reason i came across this is because i always wondered if my name was in the magazine because i never subscribed to nintendo power i actually ripped the page out of the magazine from a store, i was very very broke as a kid. Does anyone know if they listed all the winners in NP or just the ones in the above picture and if anyone has any questions about the controller i can answer them....maybe there is a difference.
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