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ok so i'm building myself an Excel master product code list for all the N64 game release, including Player's Choice Edition, revision title including manual change (ex: SW:SotE). i will ask help from this community to fill the holes IF YOU OWN THE GAME. please check the product code for everything from cart, manual, box, reg card, poster to be sure they match. if you see a title variatrion in my list that i forgot (probably ALOT), please let me know so i can add it. also please note if there's anything speical to be noted with the game, like Blue Cart, Green Cart, Yellow Cart, Red Cart, Black Cart, Big Box Tarzan, Big Box Rampage, Rayman 2 shiny cover vs non-shiny, Majora's Mask non-holo (this one is hard to find as hell), Indiana Jones BB vs non-BB, Transformers BB vs non-BB, etc.

it will long a long task, but it will mainly help collectors from around the world see and look for what games they need to complete their set. thank you very much guys !


EDIT: Updated link at request from Cabanon
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