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I added Aidyn Chronicles The First Mage, Blues Brothers 2000, Bust A Move 2 Arcade Edition, ECW Hardcore Revolution Body Harvest, and Bomberman Hero. Ill add more later.


I just added these:

Turok Rage Wars (Black Cart)
Top Gear Rally 2
The New Tetris
StarShot Space Circus Fever
Space Station Silicon Valley
Space Invaders
Turok 3 The Shadow Of Oblivion (Black Cart)
Scooby Doo Classic Creep Capers (Black Cart)
Razor Freestyle Scooter
Quake 2
Polaris SnowCross
Pokemon Puzzle League
Ogre Battle 64 Person Of Lordly Calibur
In The Zone 99
Monster Truck Madness 64
International SuperStar Soccer 2000
Micro Machines Turbo
Magical Tetris Challenge
Lode Runner 3D
Killer Instinct Gold
Iggy's Wrecking Balls
Hercules The Legendary Journeys
Fighter Destiny 2 (I also changed the title of this one from "Fighters" to "Fighter" as thats what the game says on it.)
Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck
Golden Nugget 64
Flying Dragon
Gauntlet Legends
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