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Here's a few suggestions I have :) , i'll edit this and elaborate a bit more later:

  • New Forum Skin(s)
  • New Images (Logo, Forum Markers, Signatures, Avatars, favicon, etc) - I can assist with these as well as a forum skin
  • Perhaps a N64 Modding Forum. A subforum to Nintendo 64 Topics, not necessarily its own section.
  • Maybe adding lists to the drop down menu at the top. Like NTSC, PAL, etc lists of Nintendo 64 games.
  • A dedicated Gallery section where people can post their collections and update their progress on them.
  • An actual "Announcements" or "Important Information" section, not sure why but the Welcome and Guidelines section is used as a replacement for this; I think it would be more welcoming to have a dedicated Introduction section seperate from Site announcements. In addition to the Introduction section maybe each moderator/admin can post their own pinned topic about themselves in it.
  • Ventrilo Server (Voice Chat) - I don't expect this to happen, but thought i'd throw it out there anyways just in case. I've been an administrator to a community for around 5 years and we got a Ventrilo server for our members to chill on when they're at home. It's a great way to get to know members and form friendships. It also brings the community beyond just posting on a forum. Doesn't have to revolve around a specific topic like N64, but just a place for people to chat.
  • Dedicated Off-Topic sections - Music/Movies, Comedy, GFX & Media

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