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Hey everybody, thanks for the input. If I combine the few suggestions I got requests for in PM's with the requests for it here, I see that one of the primary desired changes is for a sectional revision here.

Here is my new layout proposal, that I need everyone's feedback on please.

"Introductions, Guidelines, & Forum resources" section
consisting of individual sections:
* Introductions
* Guidelines, Help, & Suggestions (With the Guidelines post pinned at the top)

"Nintendo 64" section
consisting of individual sections:
* Gaming
* Collecting
* Modding Discussion
* Guides, Faqs, and Information (A shiny new place for all the guides you all want to see put together)

"Trade / Buy / Sell" section
consisting of individual sections
* Want to Trade and Auction Listings
* Want to Buy
* Want to Sell

"Everything Else" section
consisting of individual sections:
* Other Video Games
* Social Board
- with sub category "Entertainment and Sports"
* Reviews

There you have it folks. I know it may not have all that everybody wants or maybe more than some would like, but is it something you all could live with? Thoughts? Please know that adding more sections was generally shot down by the staff in fear of it lowering activity. You see we felt that collectors would never visit the gaming section and vice versa. Thereby leading to them missing out on other posts they might have otherwise seen if they were in the same section. If I follow through with this, it will most likely be on a trial basis to see how it does and how members like it.

I also see a clear call for a visual make over, but more on that later. Supper calls :lol: ;)

Also real quick, To any of you who are desiring a banner change, please take a look at "Banner change" request topic below this one. We are trying to get a contest going. The winning banner could help us decide new color schemes to go with and so on...

So where are our graphic artists at? :yeah:
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