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Hello again, strangers. :)

I would like to have multiple skins/themes to choose from. You know, the drop down box at the bottom left of the page? This can go hand in hand with the banner competition. Rather than a single victor, we could have the top 5 or something, with the "best of the best" becoming the new default banner. And of course, we should save the site's current skin and banner as the "classic" skin for users who prefer things as they are now.

It seems to me there's potential for a lot of overlap between the existing sections on the forum. Here's a few examples:
New SM64 Game in progress could be posted under social
any1 live in sydney could be posted under social
Interesting eBay aution. could be posted under trading
Video game addiction could be posted under social
NES Coffee Table Project could be posted under other video games
You Wont believe this could be posted under Nintendo 64, Social or Trading. :lol:

I'm not saying these topics should be posted under the sections I suggest, I'm just trying to illustrate that it can sometimes be difficult choosing where to place your topic. Because of this, it seems to me that adding further sections isn't guaranteed to lead to a tidier form. That's one advantage of an all encompassing "Nintendo 64" section - if you're topic is anything to do with the N64, you know where to post it.

Re-allow posts to be edited once the 7 day limit has past. This would really help out if people want to update their 'For Sale' topics rather than having to keep posting a new reply regarding changes.

and possibly doing a house clean every so often, deleting old topics that went no where to keep the place clean.
I don't like the sound of that. Archiving should be ok, but I don't like the idea of mods/admins being made to decide which topics are relevant and useful enough to hang on to. I wouldn't want to suddenly find that a topic I liked has been deleted because it wasn't "useful enough". For short topics that don't go anywhere, maybe a further "Rubbish Bin" archive section could be added, literally for the purpose of keeping the forum tidy.

You see we felt that collectors would never visit the gaming section and vice versa. Thereby leading to them missing out on other posts they might have otherwise seen if they were in the same section.
That's a concern I have as well, though I suppose it could work. Running a trial to see how it goes seems like the best things to do. So, good call there. :yeah:

About any "moding" section that gets created - would software count, as well as hardware? ROM hacks like Star Road and Goldeneye X? And what about flash carts? Like I said earlier, there's potential for overlap.

Finally, a couple of somewhat off topic points:
- The topic title reminded me of this. :lol:
- I've finally scratched that "499 posts" itch. It may have taken me 5+ years, but I have at long last made it to 500 posts! :omg: :dance:
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