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Endure and survive...
This Hurt and Heal comes from alekx, who suggested we do a Disney character round. He have me a list of 13 good Disney character to which I had to add some of my favorite villains, #14 and #15

HURT does -2HP damage. HEAL increases HP by +1HP. All games start with 20HP. You can post after another user has posted (there's no time limit). But.. you cannot heal a character above 30HP. If you kill a character you can use a SUPERHURT in your next post, which does -5HP damage. If you kill a character with a SUPERHURT, you don't get another SUPERHURT for that kill. Lastly, alt accounts are NOT allowed in these games. If you're suspected of using an alternative account here you'll be suspended or banned!

If anybody is still confused about how to play. You copy the character list below. Then state who you are hurting and healing. Then paste the list and adjust the numbers accordingly. As characters get killed off, their names should be added at the bottom along with the place they finished in.

I'll get us started

Hurt Peter Pan
Heal Maleficent Poster

Aladdin 20
Mickey Mouse 20
Timon & Pumba 20
Tarzan 20
Ariel 20
Bambi 20
Peter Pan 18
Winnie the Poo 20
Snow White 20
Donald Duck 20
The Genie 20
Jack Skellington 20
Buzz lightyear 20
Gaston 20
Maleficent 21

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