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Just a little heads up. There is an updated version of the gc style replacement stick that has a lot of it's previous issues fixed.
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Sold here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/370791569409

If you have a way to test your controller (e.g. with the N64 ControllerTest rom) the easiest way to spot the new sticks is that they have 95 steps in each direction opposed to 88 like the old one. Another way is to look at the pcb, the new one has two "000" resistors instead of "103" connected to the middle pin of the potentiometer.

Changed compared to previous version
- 95 steps in each direction
- no skipping of steps anymore
- the smash attack in SSB works now
- the spin attack in Zelda works now

On the downside they still use the 38 potentiometer instead of the better 60 one. So you still got a deadzone on the outside, basicly it reaches the 95th step way before it reached the restrictor gate.

Old version:
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New version:
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