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Mini Review of the "micro stick"

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Since the release of the gc style replacement stick people were complaining about it's poor performance.
- it did skip steps (instead of 20,21,22,23 it did 20,24,28,32)
- as an result it's sensitivity was too high
- it had an noticeable delay, so your moves in Super Smash Bros wouldn't work anymore
- it reached the maximum analog value way before it reached the restrictor gate

Luckily now there is a solution for all owners of the gc style replacement stick. A complete upgrade kit which includes a new and faster micro controller, a nice PCB and a new 60 3d stick potentiometer.

First you need to solder the included 60 thumbstick and the cable from your gc style stick to the PCB. Then just replace the pcb inside the gc style stick with this one.

Here is a youtube video that shows the process by the german youtuber scorpius26


Look and feel:
The pcb looks really nice and of very high quality.

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The range is very similar to the range of an original N64 thumbstick.

There is no skipping at all.

It uses the same type of mechanical parts as the gc style thumbstick or any other modern joystick like Wii Classic or Gamecube Controllers. So it should last very long.

Reaction time:
There is no noticeable delay.

Dead Zone:
The dead zone is minimal.

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The sensitivity also is close to the original and evenly distributed

Final Verdict:
If you own a gc style replacement stick then this upgrade will make it so much better.
In my opinion this is the best replacement option so far since it doesn't require any serious modding, just a little soldering and performs very well.

Where to buy:
You can buy the upgrade kit for 10 + shipping from here: http://nfggames.com/forum2/index.php?topic=5023.0
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