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Nintendo sixty-floorcat :P
Nov 26 2012, 05:56 PM
I hope to put some links to his fights on here when he does.
Sweet... I look forward to seeing some brutal MMA schooling!! :w00t:

And that's crazy, Gooman... I think my very first dream job was in fact that same thing! I've alllllllways loved Legos... I could never get enough of them!! (Legos were the first things I ever collected!) Some of my favorite toys were built following Lego instructions, and I always thought how amazing it would be to create those ships/etc. for others to make, too. Hopefully you're successful in making your way into that position!! ^_^

My dream job currently has got to be similar to that... to what it first was... I'd like to be a designer of some sort. Throughout elementary school, I always thought I'd be an architect, but being somewhat skilled in math & science pushed me (at my parents' "strong" recommendation) into an engineering school, where I eventually grew very dispassionate for anything engineering-related... and started studying something as far away from it... Japanese. That eventually landed me into a localization company, which is nice, but there's really very little creativity involved. I want to CREATE stuff! I love and appreciate well-designed things... it could be anything from a building to furniture to clothing to even cooking utensils. :lol: Maybe someday I'll go for an architecture or design degree of some sort.

Until then... I'll just continue paying my bills with the skills I already have. :rollseyes:
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