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Our of our newest members, MegaMania, comes to us with an interesting proposition. He has asked our staff to present his thesis in English. Get ready to learn something new about your favorite console you thought you knew everything about.

MegaMania has observed that his Grape funtastic PAL console (Serial #NUP 1611072) displays N64 games better that his standard charcoal grey model. He offers three sets of photo comparisons in support of his observation:

Posted Image
Notice the speedometer

Posted Image
Notice the castle wall under the archway

Posted Image
Notice Mario and Luigi's named and initial on hat

The notion that all or some funtastics have better video output made its way into at least one European gaming magazine according to a post on a Finnish website by uber collector (and N64Forever forum member Finngamer. What do you think about MegaMania's observations?

And just what does MegaMania propose? He would like for members to help him document which funtastic consoles (by Serial#) have this enhanced video display. (We've certainly have the consoles to oblige.) Help further this important initiative by posting your the Serial Number (start NUP, NS, NUJ), and whether the color and/or image quality is BETTER that the original grey console or NOT.

Here's what we know so far:

NUP = Europe PAL
NS = N-America NTSC
NUJ = Japan NTSC

Fire Orange: NUP 16339442
Grape Purple: NUP 16060024, NUP 16111072
Jungle Green: NUP 16085491, NUP 16237979
Smoke Black: NUP 16122646
Watermelon Red: NUP 16315707
Clear Blue: NUP 16748999
Pikachu: NUP 16476127

Ice Blue: NUP 16143699
Pokemon: NUP 15742019

(updated 12-07-12)

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