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Like I've discussed with Mega Mania on a finnish forum, I actually noticed this years ago with tests done on two regular consoles and two funtastic consoles. It's absolute fact, that the funtastic ones look better, all the murkiness of the graphics is gone. The pictures above don't necessarily do it justice, the picture is better full stop.

I've been meaning to do a bigger test with all my consoles for a long time, but have been postponing it, and couldn't have gone "public" with the info. :) It's funny, no one didn't seem to know this. And even Nintendo did not advertise this when the consoles came out, which is crazy considering how clear the difference is. It's natural for a console manufacturer change the components inside the machine when time goes by, but this is the biggest improvement that any console has gone through, and all without changing the video cable.

When I first talked about this in Finland someone said that their funtastic didn't show any improvement. Assuming he saw correctly, it's possible all funtastics did not have the same innards. Maybe Nintendo still used up the old parts with the first funtastics?

I now have all my consoles taken out of their boxes, hopefully I'll soon have the time to test out every color, marking down any differences tied down to their serial number. This should give a good overview on when the superior video started.

I can only talk about European consoles though, hopefully someone in North America can do the same with their full funtastic set.
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