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Viewing Single Post From: Do Funtastic consoles have better video display?
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And done. Not quite conclusive, but still some nice data.

I tested all my 12 PAL consoles with Goldeneye. Here are the colors, serials and picture qualities:

Charcoal, NUP10414657, bad
Charcoal, NUP13881647, bad
Pokemon, NUP15742019, bad
Grape Purple, NUP16060024, good
Jungle Green, NUP16085491, good
Smoke Black, NUP16122646, good
Ice Blue, NUP16143699, bad
Jungle Green, NUP16237979, good
Watermelon Red, NUP16315707, good
Fire Orange, NUP16339442, good
Clear Blue, NUP16748999, good
Pikachu, NUP16476127, good

Clearly the vast majority of Funtastics have the better innards, but that pesky Ice Blue there in the middle denies us clear data. There may not be any rule which consoles have the better output, but at least it would take really bad luck to get one if you get a Funtastic.

Still, it was nice to see that the newer consoles also had better output, as in Clear Blue and Pikachu. Does anyone know how long the regular Charcoal was in production, was it sold alongside the Funtastics or did they replace the older colors altogether?

Reminder, so far this applies only to PAL consoles, I don't have sufficient JAP or USA consoles to make good tests.
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