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Often times near years end, many members (myself included) like to do "best of whatever years it is" kind of topics.

We are currently doing a "Nintendo 64 Forever N64 Game of the Year" poll that features our Game of the Month winners for the year. Credit goes to Norcal for the idea :yeah:

Kerr Avon recently started a Game of the year for 2012 for modern games.

So, my question is basically: Do you want to see more of this? I would like for us to have an annual award series of topics.
Obvious polls including:
Nintendo 64 Game of the Year - I want to keep it going as it is this year.
Best game released in that year (all systems)

Other thoughts I have:
Movie of the year
Contributor of the year - Our forum did this a few years ago. I would like to bring it back. I would not want anybody getting their feelings hurt, so I have some ideas about how to do this smoothly. There would be a nomination topic where users would be asked to nominate a single user (non-staff of course). If you back somebody already nominated, state so by nominating them again. The reason being is at he end of the nomination period, the 5 (or so if there is a tie) with the most support would be placed in a poll topic. At the end of the voting, the winner would be crowned our 2012 Contributor of the Year. We have a lot of great members here, and I just feel the need to honor someone that the members as a whole truly appreciate.

I know this is most likely the most controversial proposed idea I am listing here. So I am seeking your all's thoughts on this issue for sure. Do you like the sound of it? Or do you all think it would make people feel snubbed or left out?

Also, does anybody else have any other ideas for an annual award of some kind?
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