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Well it is all up to those who nominate and vote really. I myself would try to look at someone who is:

1st - a consistent poster
2nd - someone who posts quality content
3rd - someone with a good attitude that treats other members with respect.
4th - someone who I can tell honestly cares for this forum.

We have a lot of great members, and it would be tough to choose. At the moment I haven't even tried to narrow down a nomination for if it procceeds.

It is just a thought. If people don't like it that is fine :)
Update: during staff duscussions floorcat really captured the idea I was going for here. He mentioned how senior classes sometimes vote for fun stuff for awards in the class.

He mentioned things like funniest avatar, weirdest username, and ebay watchdog, Game off MVP. You all get the idea.

We could even do things like best avatar or best signature.

If I follow through with this, I will make a temporary new section of the forum for the nominations and polls. I do not want to flood our normal sections with vote offs and what not. After the nominations and polls are done, I would condense them in to 1 topic for each and move them in to the archives or something.
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