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Thank you all for the fantastic feedback! I am excited to see this discussion really pick up some steam.

OK, cypher, I love your idea, but want to combine it with my wish to have a contributor of the year. I will ask members that want to to give a personal thanks to any specific member(s) they see fit in a designated topic. After a couple of weeks, I will see who was mentioned by the most members will be crowned "contributor of the year". this method can really keep people from feeling left out, and know that they are appreciated by others even if they do not win. It is like a vote, but without asking members to "just pick one".

Norcal, signatures for winners would be a nice touch for sure. :)

Also, I was thinking we should have a "new member of the year" for anyone who joined in since January 1st of 2012.

Please keep the ideas and feedback coming :)
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