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Dec 13 2012, 01:20 AM
Dec 12 2012, 08:52 AM
Another idea could be to have a game competition (I imagine this would be hard to do though) and give a award to the winner.
I like this idea as well, though I know it would be hard to do, and would most likely have to be just a regional thing. But (since I'm currently living in a big house alone, and only for the next 6 months or so,) I would be willing to host a NE FL/ SE GA and surrounding area competition (basically anyone who's willing/capable to drive to Jacksonville, FL, if there are any) in the next few weeks/months, and even if it were just a fun thing to do/no award for it or anything, I think it would be a cool idea, though some of our younger/non-driving members might be left out..

(If there's any interest I would be willing to host it nonetheless, though I only have 1 N64 (but multiple TVs), so others would need to bring their copies of games/consoles... (If anyone's interested in something like that, you can contact me via PM, also there is a place for you to sleep for a few days)...)
I like this idea, although it would be tough to organise and multiple events would have to go on worldwide

Do the versions of games you download off the Wii sore have multiplayer?

Another idea could be the Xbox Live downloadable version of Perfect Dark, although that's leaving out members of the forum without Xbox consoles or gold
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