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I am glad you guys seem understanding. I don't like banning people either, it is the un-fun part of the job.

He wasn't ALL bad. Over the last year he had a habit of emoticon only replies as well as a plethora of replies that added nothing to the discussion. Many replies were off topic as well. Those are technically rule violations, but the kind of stuff nobody really harps on if it isn't a barrage of it. The derogatory personal attack prompted the pm, so I discussed the 3 rules he broke specifically with his post as well as the ones he had a pattern of breaking. Instead of compliance, he continued to harp about the issue he was told to drop.

I hope that gives you guys a better understanding of why we reached this decision. He had chances. Both of my pm's to him ended with plainly saying that if he didn't follow the rules, he would be gone. He didn't acknowledge I said it either time, and chose to make yet another derogatory and "contribute nothing" reply this morning before the vote. The derogatory one has since been deleted.

I didn't really intend to divulge so many details. Truthfully though, the staff has nothing to hide. I wouldn't want people thinking we did someone unfairly.

I will refrain from mentioning what his threat was.
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