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I regret to say that we have been forced to ban another member.

Many of you know ausgamer355. I will make this as brief as possible. Ausgamer355 had multiple accounts on here, a few to be exact. We launched an investigation in to the matter a couple of weeks ago after suspicious activity (he turned his ausgamer account over to another person, and started a new account, terry_454") as well as a tip from an unnamed member who had proof that he also has multiple accounts on EBAY.

IP address evidence verified these claims to some degree. All accounts in question were suspended until we could sort things out. While trying to find time to verify all the claims (it is the holidays and all) ausgamer sent an inflammatory message in response to the suspensions. I advised him to be honest, patient, and truthful. I also told him to be respectful, as I would be with him. A few days past and I received an email tonight from ausgamer making disrespectful remarks and making challenges.

I had stated to him " Hostility will only cease the investigation prematurely, leaving your account still suspended." and that is just what he did.

Upon hearing the claims of multiple account use, he didn't deny it or try to defend himself. To put it bluntly, all things point to this guy being a fraud. He uses the same member names on ebay as he did on here largely. He uses these accounts to drive up prices and work things to his benefit if prices don't go as high as he would like when selling. These were the charges against him. I can tell you the IP's match on our forum, and those usernames have a record of doing business with each other on ebay.

The accounts his IP's matched were ausgamer355, amr355, terry_454, ausryan, and mumbo. Please everyone beware of this persons tactics. If any member sees anything suspicious regarding new member activity or anything, please let us know. He had hundreds of IP's (a real blast to check all of believe me!) and can and likely will beat our ban system if he tries. If you even have a slight suspicion that he may be another member, please pass it along to the staff.

This forum is a wonderful place, and has no need for fraudulent individuals. I am sure you all agree.
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