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Endure and survive...
Unfortunately I am serious. I truthfully didn't either prior to the start of it all unraveling before us. In case I was not clear enough before Terry (ausgamer) was pretending to be himself/his boss/and apparently his cousin in a complex and confusing mess. I know without a doubt he was operating both terry_454 and ausgamer, as he was contacting me from ausgamer (who was supposed to be his boss then) and posting as terry_454 on here at the same time. It all gets really confusing, as he has apparently changed his story about who was who on here before.

To top it all of, as you all probably know, he uses VERY poor English. This only adds to the mess when trying to sort it out.
Jan 3 2013, 09:43 PM
I certainly do agree! Excellent detective work on your behalf, I might add.

Isn't it sad that dishonest people permeate everything nowadays simply to further their own selfish aims? :angry:
Thanks, but a lot of it was just laid before me though (Thanks to our member who helped tip us off). I can claim the daunting task of IP address checking :angry:

Yes, it really is sad Grizz :(

It does make me appreciate our good members even more though!

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