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Hey there Nagato! (I appreciate your contributing to an established thread, instead of creating a new one.) :yeah:

I'd say get a few of the protective boxes for the ones you'd like to display, and just flat-pack the rest. IMO, the unflattened boxes take up way too much space and are more likely to be in danger of getting damaged. I don't think any sort of damage can come to them if you flatten them (this is how they were printed, after all)... in fact, doing this might even benefit some boxes that have some minor creases!

I've always flattened my boxes, and then to prevent the tabs from being ripped/folded I would plastic-wrap them in groups of 5-10 (which also helps keeps the surfaces from getting abrasion wear). Then I stuff them into boxes... here's my finished product, which is somewhere between 150-200 N64 boxes:

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