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I wish Nintendo had made a fighting game featuring Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom crew for the N64. Some will argue that Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game but it really isn't in the traditional sense. Also, SSB features characters from other franchises and I'd like a fighter that focuses more on the core characters found in Mario Kart 64. So with that in mind I present...

Super Mario Kendo 64
What happens when Mario and friends take to the dojo to practice their wooden sword fighting skills? Well whacky hijinks in the form of Super Mario Kendo 64, of course. :D

Picture the game as kind of like Bushido Blade but with a much less violent and much more whimsical approach. The game would feature the traditional tried and true Nintendo formula of being easy to pick up and play while at the same time offering deep meta-strategies which would keep the game interesting to more skilled players.

Question: You think the geniuses here at N64 Forever could develop a new game for the N64 and get it released? Don't laugh, there's a precedence for this in Pier Solar for the Mega Drive/Genesis. :huh:
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