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Thanks, Stinger!

@Franklint: Nice, I'll be sure to add these. I do have a printout of Nesworld's 250+ list...makes the above quite meager. We'll build ours slowly and focus on games with decent video clips. Great to have you around, btw!

I will be adding Kirby Bowl 64 and Kirby's Air Ride 64 soon. Some sources treat it as one game, but for reasons I'll explain, i plan to list them separately (as at least one other source has).

EDIT 1: As the above 15-sec. video shows, Kirby's Air Ride 64 looked awesome (even if the N64 did not lack for racers).

EDIT 2: A video showing Kirby Bowl 64 at the specified times has been added. It is clearly NOT a racing game and looks a heck of a lot more like the SNES Kirby's Dream Course (a/k/a Kirby Bowl in Japan) than Kirby's Air Ride 64. I think KB64 may have later been folded into KAR 64 as a different mode of play.
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