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Proctor & Gamble’s Magic Eraser® is made of a melamine resin foam called Basotect® (manufactured by BASF). On curing, the melamine resin becomes almost as hard as glass, which allows it to act like extremely fine sandpaper as the foam eraser rubs the particles of dirt from the surface. Basotect® remains soft and supple due to the structure of the foam created by adding water. When water is added, the very fine airy structure (that you can only see under a microscope) creates a surface that makes the dirt stick to it.

So it works 2 ways:
1. The foam eraser acts like extremely fine sandpaper and rubs the dirt from the surface.
2. The nature of the foam makes the dirt stick to it.

And, like a pencil eraser, the foam gets used up as it’s used.

Here’s why you should be careful. Anything that works like sandpaper will not only rub the dirt from the surface, but with a soft surface that can be scratched, it will also damage the surface. I tested the Magic Eraser® on walls painted with eggshell latex paint. Yes, it took the dirt away. It also took the sheen from the paint surface. It also took some of the colour from the paint surface. High gloss latex paint? It removes the gloss. Varnished surfaces? Don’t even think about using it.

in other words: don't rub it like crazy
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