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A few updates:

1. Viewpoint 2064 has been added. Holy Zaxxon, I WANT THIS GAME!! A shooter, both isometric and on-rails. This sequel to the arcade shooter Viewpoint clearly has great visuals (and every review I read about it said the same). It was shown off at Nintendo show in August of 1999 as a final version, and at that time, it was announced for release in November of 1999. In fact, this game was SOOO close to release that its price had actually been set in advertisements for the game (7,800Y or about $80 USD!!). Sammy, how can we ever forgive you???

If I were really good at making youtube videos about unreleased games, had an excellent presentation style and had a growing channel following, I would so launch a campaign to try to get this released/leaked. But, alas, I am not . . . if only there were someone here like that . . . :D

2. Glennplant's excellent Mini Racers/Tamiya Racing 64 review has been added here. Keep up the great work, glennplant!

3. Echo Delta vids have been updated. About 20 mins of game play added. It is a Japanese strategy game, so it probably won't cause to run out and buy an EverDrive64, but definitely an improvement over the last video. Gameplay reportedly has to do with ocean exploration and raising a sunken ship.
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