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:n64: N64Forever Beats 'Em All! :n64:
The 2012-13 N64 Game-off was a smashing success. 152 titles were completed, which made the Staff wonder...Could our members beat every NTSC-U and PAL N64 title (and a few NTSC-J titles for good measure)? We are betting the answer is YES! So what the 2012-13 Game-Off started, N64 Beats 'Em All will now finish . . . without a stated deadline (at least for now).

1. Only 1 Game can be 'Claimed' per person at a time - multiple people are free to beat the same game if desired but first person to claim it, gets it (please check THE BEATEN and THE HIT LIST to make sure the game you want to claim is not already take. CLAIMS ARE ONLY GOOD FOR 1 MONTH. If you post that you are actively playing the game and need more time, an additional month will be granted.
2. Difficulty level does not matter
3. Sports games are to be beaten via a championship.
4. Some games have no actual ending (particularly those marked with an "#" on the Hit List) so state what you challenged yourself to do to "complete" the game in a reasonable (and respectable) manner.
5. Beating the final boss (if there is one) is mandatory - 100% completion is not required, but welcomed.
6. After you beat the game, take and post a screen shot of the ending credits and/or any screen proving completion. IF YOU HAVE VIDEO CAPTURE CAPABILITY, please consider recording and posting final boss battles.
7. Please let us know how long it took you to beat the game (actual duration in approximate hours, as well as length of time Ex. 2 weeks, a month, etc.), what you completed (final boss, 100% etc), and your personal enjoyment level. REMEMBER, others here will want to know if the game you beat is worth their time.
8. The Staff will regularly update "THE BEATEN" and "THE HIT LIST".
9. Keep an open mind to playing games you normally wouldn't play (or finish) . . . this was one of the best experiences from the Game-Off.



THE HIT LIST (current through Post#800)
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