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I have that controller too with the Winning card but the original owner didnt kept the shipping box & plastic bag.

man you're lucky to have that. i'd buy it right away to replace mine but cash is low and priority are elsewhere right now

EDIT: I paid mine 57$ shipping included via auction on ebay (member wanted a fair chance to anyone so he auctioned it instead of selling it here). i'd say a 100$ would be a fair value. you really need someone that absolutely WANT that specific kind of controller otherwise it's just another gold controller for them. I wanted it because the contest was epic back then and the lap time posted were truly insane (at leats, that's what I though) but because the rules where I live (Quebec) are so stiff about contest from elsewhere, I wasnt allowed to even participate. so yeah when I saw it last year, I had to jump it and win it.
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